Learn about solutions for healthy beauty with INDIBA® Activ

Learn about solutions for healthy beauty with INDIBA® Activ

Have you recently undergone surgery? Do you need to decrease edema or improve microcirculation in your body? We discovered the benefits of physio-aesthetics.

In INDIBA® Activ we treat the physioesthetics. A discipline of physiotherapy that aims to prevent and treat the visible and histological signs of aging that have an aesthetic consequence, such as scars, bruises, etc.

There are numerous problems associated with physical aesthetics, affecting both men and women, and in which INDIBA® Activ positively affects effective and pleasant treatments. And what are the most common problems that this discipline deals with? From skin flaccidity to drainage of edema, reabsorption of bruising or scarring.

INDIBA® Activ treatments in physiotics can help you rebalance the cellular metabolism, which translates into more compact and younger-looking tissues.

What benefits can you get?

Thanks to these therapies you will get an improvement of microcirculation, decrease of edema, reduce fatty deposits and skin flaccidity. They also provide benefits after surgery, contributing to correct healing, decreased inflammation, reabsorption of hematomas and prevention of the appearance of adhesions and fibrosis.

We hope you found this article interesting. In future posts we will talk about how physioaesthetics solves each of the different problems we have talked about.

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