Recover from your low back pain with INDIBA® activ

Recover from your low back pain with INDIBA® activ

The vast majority have felt the tortuous back pain at some point in their life and the immediate disabling impact it produces for the slightest of movements. More than 70% of adults suffer from acute back pain and one third have suffered from it in the past 30 days.

The back problems are the main consultation with neurologists and traumatologists and the eighth cause of visits to the doctor, overcoming fever, knee and headaches.

Low back pain is defined as muscle pain, tension or contracture, located below the last rib and above the gluteal fold with or without pain in the legs. Most of these pains are considered to be “benign” in almost 90% of cases. Only 10% may be due to specific lesions such as herniated discs, infections, rheumatic diseases, fractures or tumor processes.

Back pain is a very common condition, it is estimated that between 60 and 90% of the population suffer from low back pain at some point throughout their lives. But not only in the general population, but also in the workforce (individuals between 20 and 65 years), being one of the main reasons for absenteeism and disability. It has even become the leading cause of disability in children under 45 years.

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