Reduce the pain of your injuries with INDIBA® activ

Reduce the pain of your injuries with INDIBA® activ

Do you want to recover quickly from a fibrillation or sprain? Or maybe you need to remedy that low back pain? And how do you go with contractures?

For Indiba® activating the patient comes first, and for this, to solve these problems, will be very easy. Check with your trusted physiotherapist or in our directory:

The treatment of INDIBA® activ for rehabilitation focuses on accelerating the natural mechanisms of tissue repair so that, in a safe and safe way, you recover as soon as possible. In both acute and chronic pathology, the primary goal of treatment is focused on reducing pain, inflammation and accelerating healing processes thanks to the effect of the unique Proionic® system in the INDIBA® activ method.

What does Proionic® system mean?

It is the only one that stimulates intra- and extra-cellular ion exchange, thereby restoring cellular electrical activity, which enables the intensity and volume of blood flow in the tissues to be improved.
In any traumatic process it is essential to start treatment early. The technology of the Proionic® system allows you to treat you from the earliest stages of the rehabilitation process without adverse effects and, in this way, you will be able to:

• Reduce pain
• Improve your mobility
• Regenerate tissues
• Normalize your muscle tone
• See how healing is accelerated
• Increase your elasticity

We hope this post has helped you to learn more about rehabilitation with INDIBA® activ treatments.
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