Testimony of Antoine RAVINET, physiotherapist in Yvelines, France

“I got my first INDIBA® device in 1997, 17 years ago. At this time I was looking for innovative technology. I was attracted by the cell therapy that was presented to me.

For 17 years my INDIBA® device gave me complete satisfaction and my patients appreciated its safety and efficacy. The specific action of the 448 kHz frequency and the depth action have been a great use. I am very pleased to have this technology and recent developments in my new office.”


Testimony of Leire Elosegui Basque triathlete20150603_151040
“I met INDIBA® activ through the physiotherapist María Achalandabaso, when she started to apply it to me several years ago. At that time I was preparing for IRONMAN. Since then and in all the long distance races I run(Marathon des Sables, Transalpine Run) it has always been present in my physiotherapy and recovery sessions.
I generally attend the sessions once a week and in critical times or when injured twice. Usually Maria treats me with INDIBA® activ for about 50 minutes. There are protocolos meant for discharging and the feeling is nearly immediate. Legs recover a very good speed.
On the other hand, it is also very useful when there is a punctual overload that can turn into an injury. To prevent before falling in an injury is another of INDIBA® activ offers you because it recovers you before “falling”.




INDIBA® activ in Parkinson treatments and therapies

“The characteristics of INDIBA® activ technology enable in-depth work on the connective tissue by increasing oxygenation and reducing tissue fibrosis. The treatment of patients with Parkinson’s disease has objective to improve mobility, flexibility and tissue trophicity. I integrate INDIBA® activ with massage and joint mobilization of patients. There are real tissue effects obtained during the session and that extend thereafter. In addition, my patients feel a real well-being with the heat, and especially a gain flexibility objectified when getting dressed.”




ob_cb5874_c-turpinINDIBA® active in the treatment of Osgood-Schlatter and Sever desease

“I use INDIBA® activ in my office for two years on many musculoskeletal injuries, diseases, trauma, painful joint injuries, etc.

I get particularly good results with adolescents with « Osgood-Schlatter or Sever syndromes ». With INDIBA® activ, it provides a real solution to pain and inflammation. INDIBA® reduce pain from the first sessions and helps to decrease inflammation beside the growth plate. After 2 or 3 sessions INDIBA® enabled a significant improvement. The patient can go back to sport gradually.”



ob_5d9330_christophe-josse-indiba-300x225Testimony of Christophe Josse, physiotharapist in Perpignan, France

After using different devices proposed on the market, I chose INDIBA® activ for its fast recovery results. I have INDIBA® activ for 3 years in my office. I use it every day and almost systematically.

I use a lot INDIBA® activ for shoulder treatment in pre and post surgery and particularly algodystrophy why we get very good results. With INDIBA®, we reduce pain quickly and facilitate mobilisation. The technology is well-liked by patients.