The most common injuries among runners

The most common injuries among runners

Do you like to run? Do you do races or marathons? If the answer is yes, surely you fear the most common injuries among people who practice this sport.

Some of the most common injuries among the runners are:

– Runner Syndrome: This injury occurs when the patella is not well aligned and does not travel properly through the femoral sulcus. It can wear out the cartilage and produce pain on both sides of the patella and on the front of the knee, where patella and femur are attached. The pain is especially intense when you flex your knee, or when you start walking, and you stop running or even walking.

– Plantar fasciitis: In the sole of the foot there is a thick strip of tissue called plantar fascia. It is a connective tissue that connects the calcaneus (the heel bone) with the forefoot. If this fascia is irritated, only stepping will hurt the sole of the foot. The pain occurs near the heel.

– Fibrillation distension or rupture: This is a rupture or micro rupture (partial rupture) of the muscle fibers. The causes can be motivated by violent contractions, insufficient heating, an overload, a muscular decompensation or a strong blow in that musculature.

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